Every State and County has their own rules for inmate packages. 
 The  U.S. State Prisons' Information  page has links or information for all 50 states. 

 Customers must be familiar with the rules for your loved one's
state prison or county jail before placing an order.

Magazines subscriptions are approved for all State and Federal Prisons.
This site guarentees products acceptable by Texas (TDCJ) Guidelines.
All books mailed to inmates by USPS. 
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    Dear Customer,

    Welcome to IMailToPrison.Com!

    It is hard to have someone you love in prison.  We can make it easier for you and help you to make your loved one's life inside bit better too.  Paperback Swap N Ship is an Approved Vendor for TDCJ Inmates with over 20 years of experience helping inmates with books.  Families and friends can now send used and new books, puzzles, calendars and magazines to prison.  We guarentee delivery. Put our knowledge of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to work for you.

    Your Loved One not in a Texas State Prison? We mail ANYWHERE.  Be sure of the regulations for your state or county before ordering.  As a bookstore and national website we are able to mail to books, puzzles and calenders to many other states, county jails and Federal Prisons. 

    If your inmate is not in TDCJ, please check out our U. S. State Prisons information page. Our magazines are shipped by the publishers.  Our books, puzzles and calendars are shipped from our bookstore or our national  warehouse. 

    Books, puzzles and calendars do not qualify as shipped from publisher by states' DOCs or by county jails that have that requirment.

    All books mailed USPS to Prisons, as required by many facilities. 

    Still need help? Talk to a real person by calling our bookstore:   

    Paperback Swap N Shop


    Mon - Fri  9 to 6:30 

    Saturday  10 to 5:00

    Now you know how to send used books, calendars, magzines, new books and puzzles to your loved one in prison. 


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    Best Wishes,

    Jane Gray, Owner