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A Little Romance: Coloring Book

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Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: August 30, 2016

Experience the art of romance.

You'll fall hard for the exquisite designs in this gorgeous coloring bookall sprung from the heady feeling of romance and that special first love.

A flurry of hearts, flowers, mandalas and intricate nature motifs await your unique touch. Lose yourself in the meditative exercise of adding color, tone and texture to each page. Choose soothing symmetry or giddy chaos in your palette and follow your artistic heart.

Printed on luxe paper, these are lovely artworks you'll want to frame as gifts and keepsakes. And the book is perfectly sized to pop in your bag so you can color whenever the mood strikes.

Physical Info: 0.6" H x 6.4" L x 4.3" W (0.25 lbs) 96 pages"


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