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And Not to Yield and Bowie:

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Two Biographical Novels in one!

And Not to Yield: A Novel of the Life and Times of Wild Bill Hickok

Eickhoff, Randy Lee (Author)



Eickhoff, Randy Lee (Author) &  Lewis, Leonard C (Author)

Annotation: And not to yield: Born James Butler Hickok, Wild Bill Hickok made his reputation as a gunslinger extraordinaire, and his legend has titillated journalists, novelists, and historians ever since. Here is the story--crafted by a master novelist--of this complex hero whose exploits have become part of the lore of the American frontier. Bowie: The story of James Bowie, the Texas frontiersman, told by some thirty people who range from Bowie's mother to a comrade-at-arms. A look from various points of view at certain aspects of Bowie's character and the historical events in which he participated.