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Unlikely Friendships Mini Wall Calendar 2018

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Format: Miniature (Pbk)
Pub Date: July 20, 2017
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Publisher Marketing: A hippo and a tortoise. A pup and a meerkat. A bear and a wolf. From finned to four-footed, from primates to piglets, the Unlikely Friendships Mini Calendar features a year of heartwarming bonds between species--fittingly, in an equally cute format. With 12 full-color photos and accompanying stories about the featured friends, it's a testament to the power of love and camaraderie in the animal kingdom. Stick the perfectly sized mini calendar (7" x 7 ") in your locker or cubicle for an instant day-brightener. 

Physical Info: 0.1" H x 7.1" L x 6.9" W (0.1 lbs)

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