399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges book prison inmates
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399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young

Linde, Nancy (Author), Amen, Daniel G (Foreword by),

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: September 25, 2012
Publisher Marketing:
Based on the science that shows that people middle-aged or older who solve word games and brainteasers have a significant cognitive advantage over those who do not, "399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges" is the illustrated game book specifically created to cross-train the brain. Here are 399 games to stretch, challenge, and push the reader, all of which stimulate the formation of neurons literally, regrowing the brain.Plus they re not only good for you, but just plain good these games are fun. "399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia "is a lively mix of challenges, riddles, and brainteasers all vetted by a neuroscientist who specializes in aging brains and designed to work the six key areas of cognitive function that are vulnerable in normal aging: long-term memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, multitasking, and processing speed. The games are arranged from easiest to most difficult and are labeled according to which cognitive functions they exercise so they can be mixed and matched into a custom workout. In just 15 minutes a day, anyone can improve his brain s strength, flexibility, and long-term health."

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