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A Gangster and a Gentleman

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A Gangster and a Gentleman  -
Swinson, Kiki
De Nesha (Author)  
Binding: Mass Market Paperbound
Pub Date: November 29, 2016
Publisher Marketing:
Two irresistible novellas about men so bad, they re everything you don t need and exactly what you want
I Need a Gangsta

Melody Goldman isn t about to let her rich, cheating, ungrateful husband walk out and leave her with nothing. Fortunately, ex-con Scotty has no problem disposing of her problems in exchange for plenty of cold, hard cash and hot, hard sexing. But when Scotty crosses one line too many, Melody s revenge will be a hustle he never saw coming
Gentlemen Prefer Bullets
Successful publicist Blake Scott survived by playing the Hollywood game and keeping far, far away from her gangsta kingpin father. But now the only person who can protect her is his enforcer, Eli Hardwick. Good thing this thug cleans up real nice and is even better when he gets down and dirty

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