A Grotesque in the Garden

A Grotesque in the Garden
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A Grotesque in the Garden (2ND ed.)
Hudson, Hud (Author), Rea, Michael (Foreword by)
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 23, 2020


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After several millennia living as a lone sentinel in the Garden of Eden, the angel Tesque is contemplating leaving his post in rebellion against God. Meanwhile, in another time and place, a professor of mathematics isolates herself in remote Iceland as she finds herself increasingly at odds with society. The connection between these two characters? A letter, a sentient dog, and a deep-seated resistance to the demands of love.

A Grotesque in the Garden is a philosophical tale that addresses some of theology's thorniest problems, including the questions of divinely permitted evil, divine hiddenness, and divine deception, couching them in narrative form for greater accessibility to students and general readers. While Hudson's story ultimately vindicates the virtue of obedience to God, it never shies away from critiques of troublesome theological positions. This second edition contains an appendix with commentary, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading. Review Quotes: Oliver Crisp -- University of St. Andrews "This is not your average novel. It taps into deep religious themes to ask fundamental philosophical questions by means of a compelling and beautifully written narrative. If you yearn for tales that satisfy your head as well as your heart, and that leave you pondering some of the greatest existential questions human beings face, then read this book." -- Jeffrey E. Brower in Journal of Analytic Theology "This is a delightful book. In terms of genre, it defies easy classification. But like Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy, it is at once a gripping story of imaginative fiction, incorporating elements of history, myth, and allegory, as well as a deep and penetrating reflection on the problem of evil and the goodness of God."


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