A Quest for Redemption: Stories from Prison

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 EAN: 9780615741185
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: April 01, 2013
Copyright Date: 2013


Book Description: After running into trouble in college, to finding himself in a cold prison cell, Keir fell to life's lowest bottom. He faced a choice in that empty prison cell: he chose to never give up. From that lonely moment on, Keir embraced his harrowing imprisonment and seized this unique opportunity to recover, heal and grow. He began reading, teaching, public speaking, and with his typewriter, he began to write. Keir wrote as a way to work through his emotions, as a way to capture the experience and culture of prison, and in an attempt to fuel the glimmer of hope and inspiration that hides itself well in a world devoid of any light. This is a gripping collection of true stories from prison. These stories explore the human condition in its rawest state, document the grueling journey of one man's recovery as he embarks on an uncharted road toward redemption, and strive to create reflection and inspiration in those who read them.

Publisher Marketing:
Author's Note: All author royalties generated by sales of this book are being donated to select charitable organizations. To find out where the proceeds will land, and more information on the book and author, please visit www.aquestforredemption.com.


Biographical Note:
Mr. Weimer resides in Saratoga Springs, NY. Keir is a grateful entrepreneur, serving as President and Founder of The Thistle Island Group, LLC, a real estate investment and holding firm he founded in January of 2012. He is also a licensed Realtor with Select Sotheby's International Realty, based in Saratoga Springs and serving clients both there and throughout the Adirondack Park. Keir has also come to embrace pursuits as both a writer and an active inspirational speaker, telling his story and carrying the message forward to students, prisoners and a variety of audiences. Keir enjoys reading, writing, traveling and exploring new areas and challenges in life. He's an accomplished triathlete, alpine and water skier, all-season hiker, sailor and all-around outdoor and Adirondack enthusiast. He can be reached at his book's website, found at www.aquestforredemption.com.


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