Amazing Brain Health Puzzle Book

New book for prison inmates, puzzles for prisoners
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Pub Date: January 23, 2022

The Amazing Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults provides you with a unique combination of puzzle games that are as fun as they are stimulating to overall brain health. Your brain regulates your body's vital functions and a younger brain helps support a younger body. Here are some features to look out for in this action-packed thrilling ride for your mind, body, and soul: Word search puzzles help stimulate pattern recognition and spelling skills. They can also help to expand vocabulary. Mazes have also found their way into this book, having fascinated humans for centuries. Did you know that the oldest known maze was found on rock tomb in Sardinia, Italy, and dates back 4000 years? The brain power which is used to solve mazes corresponds with spatial awareness and navigation skills. In their "spot the difference" puzzles, you need to first identity the objects that you see. This involves our occipital lobes, the part of our brains responsible for visual perception. You then need to compare and contrast spatial relationships between pictorial features, which involves both the occipital and parietal lobes. Spatial awareness manifests from our parietal lobes. Having to quickly contrast what you're seeing in both photos involves stimulating your short-term memory in the parietal lobes. Taking note of the differences mostly uses your frontal lobes, which are vital to such short-term memory tasks. Crossword puzzles exercise the parts of our brain related to vocabulary and overall problem-solving. Studies have shown that both sudoku and crossword puzzles are linked to significant anti-aging brain health benefits when integrated with a broadly healthy lifestyle. Marupeke, another kind of puzzle featured in this book, was invented by Naoki Inaba, who is reputed to be Japan's and the world's most prolific inventor of grid logic puzzles. Futoshiki, gokigen, akari, tatami, sikaku and other Japanese-inspired logic puzzles that this book presents further complement a great brain workout.


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