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American Way (Graphic Novel)

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  • Item #: 9781401273545
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American Way 10th Anniversary Edition
Contributor(s): Ridley, John (Author), Jeanty, Georges (Illustrator)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 13, 2017

 Publisher Marketing: Academy Award-winning author John Ridley ( 12 Years a Slave, Three Kings) presents an alternative U.S. history with the Civil Defense Corps, a team of superheroes, and their handlers, the FDAA (Federal Disaster Assistance Administration). The FDAA stages showdowns between "superheroes" and "super-villains," who in reality are little more than super-powered actors that front for the public. What will the manufactured "superheroes" do when real danger arrives at the door? From acclaimed novelist and screenwriter John Ridley with penciller Georges Jeanty (BATWOMAN, Gambit ) and inker Karl Story (BATMAN, NIGHTWING), comes a graphic novel that remains relevant 10 years after its original publication. This special 10th anniversary edition collects THE AMERICAN WAY #1-8 and features previously unreleased bonus content, including design concepts and cover sketches!

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