mail books and magazines to California prison inmates, how to order books and magazines for California prisoners
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California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation + county jail regulations

Official Website : Inmate ID # Lookup & Prison Mailing Address Verification.

What can inmates in California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, DCOCR, receive from IMailToPrison.Com:

Magazine Subscriptions
Back Issue Magazines
New Paperback Books
Used Paperback Books

Hardcover regulation: “If the inmate chooses to accept the hardback book staff shall, in front of the inmate, remove the entire cover from the book.” According to some customer reports, this policy is not enforced and hardbacks are denied, this is not verified.

Check for more restrictions in NOTES!


Limit To Amount Received or Retained

NOTES: Policy revised 7/6/20

General Population Privilege Group A,B,C &  SHU/PSU: 10 BOOKS, MAGAZINES, AND NEWSPAPERS (Paperback or hardback with cover removed only. Limits not to include correspondence course or legal materials CALENDAR (12″ x 24″ maximum dimensions. No metal)

Intake/Processing &  ASU : 5 BOOKS, MAGAZINES, AND NEWSPAPERS (Paperback or hardback with cover removed only. Limits not to include legal materials *No Calendars, No correspondence course

When inmates receive new books, they must turn in their old ones.

How CDCR distributes books:

Books go to R&R and are logged in there. They go through R&R because books are considered ‘personal property’. The inmate will receive a ‘ducat’ to go to R&R, where he/she will be able to pick up the books and trade in his/her old ones. This process may take some time. Whenever the mail gets backed up, R&R also tends to get backed up. This is especially true during holidays, lockdowns, etc.

State Prison Information Updated as of Summer 2019
Authorities can and will change their policies. We do not guarantee that all information is up to date!
Please contact us with corrected, additional or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information on this site.

County Regulations: Sending Books to Inmates in County Jails.
Information on county sheriff websites is often incomplete or inaccurate. Some of our information comes from phone calls to the jails and rejection notices from the jails.
We do not guarantee that all jail information is up to date!
New jails are added as orders placed and regulations are researched.
Please contact us with corrected, additional or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information on this site.

LINK: County Sheriff Departments in California


AlmedaCounty (Santa Rita Jail) new paperbacks, limit 6 a day, on-line dealers only

Fresno County Magazines, newspapers and paperback books if mailed directly from a publisher, book club or bookstore- no calendars. Limit 5 per package

Kern County: directly from the publisher, Barnes and Noble or Amazon (Limit 2 soft bound books per shipment)
King County: Publications, magazines or newspapers shall be accepted only if they are mailed directly from the publisher to a named inmate by USPS

Los Angeles County Jail– new or used paperbacks from bookstore- limits 3 books & 3 magazines per week- no explicit sex:
Addresses found here

Mendocino County: softcover books from publisher or retailer

Orange County Jail we are not an authorized vendor
Placer County: may receive from bookstores/commercial distributor

Riverside: denied paperback new book set by this website as from 2nd party vendor

Sacramento County: No bookstores, on-line services only. Paperbacks only. Inmates can have 5 books at a time.

San Bernadino: bookstore ok

San Diego: new paperbacks from bookseller or publisher

San Joaquin: paperback books and magazines directly from publisher or bookstore

San Luis Obispo: 5 new paperback books from non-retail outlet (website only)

Stanislaus County:- pre-approved publisher orders only

Santa Clara: No Hardcovers. Must be from publisher, with ID# or through Catholic Charities

Santa Rita : no hardcovers. Must be from publisher or on-line bookstore.

Yolo County: Newspapers, magazines, periodicals and softbound books, which are sent directly from a publisher or Internet web site ( not bookstore )

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