Crimson Fists: The Omnibus 

Crimson Fists: The Omnibus
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Fantastic action packed omnibus featuring the fearless Crimson Fists! Defiant, courageous and unyielding in the face of impossible odds - these are the Crimson Fists, Dorn's glorious vanguard. Tested in battle like few others, these Space Marines are ever on the frontlines of an endless war against the barbaric orks. When the hordes of the warlord Snagrod come to lay waste to the Crimson Fists' fortress-monastery on Rynn's World, Chapter Master Kantor must lead the battered survivors in a desperate defence of their home if they are to have any hope of finding triumph in sacrifice. This omnibus edition collects together the novels Rynn's World and Legacy of Dorn, the novella Traitor's Gorge and four short stories.
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