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Don't Let Satan Have the Last Word

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Don't Let Satan Have The Last Word Go Word For Word With The Enemy by Francine E. Wade Death and life are in the power of the tongue declares the Bible. Although God has assured us of the victory, we will endure many struggles in life that will have the enemy's suggestions attached to them. As we continue our spiritual journey we will find there is no way to be silent in spiritual warfare. This book is filled with simple biblical concepts and scriptural examples of how God, Jesus and others used their powerful voices to change things for the better and so can we. Francine quotes, " For Every Situation There Is A Scripture! From Every Scripture There Is A Solution. Francine, encourages you to do your best to adapt to the biblical concepts that are provided in this book to help aid in your spiritual growth and you will see how God's word has the power to change everything in your life, including you.