Fairy-Tale ForeverĀ 

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  • Item #: 9780778331582
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(Reissue) Contributor(s): Macomber, Debbie (Author)
Paperback: 2 in 1

Some love stories seem right out of a fairy tale, but real romance can come true!

Cindy and the Prince

Cindy Territo cleans offices after hours to put herself through school, so there's no reason she should ever meet the executives. Then Cindy crashes the company's Christmas ball, dressed to impress, and she completely captures the attention of corporate VP Thorndike Prince. After a magical night together, Cindy flees. But Thorne is determined to uncover the woman who took his heart when she left at midnight.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Preschool teacher Judy Lovin will always put her family first, so when her father's business is threatened with a hostile takeover, Judy will do whatever she can to help. Their family's most ruthless enemy is John McFarland, a businessman used to getting his own way in his negotiations. But while they spend time together on his remote Caribbean island, it isn't long before Judy discovers that John is far from the beast he seemed to be. The smart, attractive man might even be someone she could love.

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