How to send books and magazines to Florida Prison Inmates
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 Florida Department of Corrections + county jail regulations


Official Website : Inmate ID # Lookup & Prison Mailing Address Verification.

What can inmates in the Florida DOC prison system receive from IMailToPrison.Com:

Magazine Subscriptions
New Paperback Books
Used Paperback Books
Check for more restrictions in NOTES!


Limit To Amount Received or Retained
Other Special Limits and Restrictions – See Notes
Limited by Security Classification

NO Back Issue Magazines

NOTES: Letters must go to a PO Box, while publications will go to the prison’s mailing address. More information on this page: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/ci/ContactInmate.html

Routine inmate mail  (letters) sent to these institutions need to be sent to the following address:

Inmate’s last name, first name, DC#
PO Box 23608
Tampa, FL 33623

Received and Retain Limits: inmates shall be limited to the possession of 4 personal books. Religious publications, correspondence study materials, and law books not available in the institution’s law library collection shall not be counted against this limit.

Coloring books may be denied.

Paperbacks preferred. -No metal in bindings, no spiral bindings. Most inmates can receive hard-back books .

Florida State Prison Main Unit or in death row or close management status in any institution shall not be allowed to receive hard-cover publications.

Limit of 4 magazine subscriptions.

Calendars limited by size, no greater than 24 inches by 12 inches when opened. Journals/Pocket calendars must be paperbound, not stapled.


Florida Cares: Inmate support and action charity. https://floridacarescharity.org

Also has an active Facebook Group

State Prison Information Updated as of Summer 2019
Authorities can and will change their policies. We do not guarantee that all information is up to date!
Please contact us with corrected, additional or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information on this site.

County Regulations: Sending Books to Inmates in County Jails.
Information on county sheriff websites is often incomplete or inaccurate. Some of our information comes from phone calls to the jails and rejection notices from the jails.
We do not guarantee that all jail information is up to date!
New jails are added as orders placed and regulations are researched.
Please contact us with corrected, additional or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information on this site.


Broward County Jail: inmates must be pre-approved, softcovers from Barns & Nobel only
County Jail: Magazines and soft cover books can be received if they are sent directly from the publisher and are appropriate for the jail and inmate environment. Jail Mail Room 239-252-9663 or 239-252-9666.
 County Detention: 4 paperback books/magazines for retention, internet bookstore, books not larger than 8 1/2″ x 11″ x 1 1/2
: limit 2 paperbacks, 4 magazines in possession, bookstores ok
Lee County: Religious or spiritual material can be donated to the jail chaplain and then requested by inmates.  No other publications.
Marion County Jail; One religious scriptural text and retain up to 3 other publications. publishers and bookstores.
Martin County Correctional; paperbacks from bookstores ok
Miami/Dade not more than 4 softcover publications received or retained.
Orange County
– bookstores ok, limit 4 paperbacks/magazines per pkg
Orlando County limit 4 paperbacks per shipment from bookstore
Pinellas County: new or used books from vendor
Santa Rosa County: No Books. Magazines & Newspapers by subscription only.
Seminol County: Magazine subscription only, no package of any kind.

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