Frozen Fantasies:

Frozen Fantasies:
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  • Item #: 9781250271129
  • Condition: New

Mythographic Color and Discover: Frozen Fantasies: An Artist's Coloring Book of Winter Wonderlands:

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: January 12, 2021

Publisher Marketing: Enter a sparkling snowscape of illustion and creativity Explore a snowcapped universe of color and imagination. Mythographic Color and Discover: Frozen Fantasies is a glittering gallery of surreal wonders, icy kingdoms, and dazzling tundras presented in spectacular detail by artist Fabiana Attanasio. Skate along exquisite drawings of frosty illusions, crystalline castles, and snow-dusted landscapes that expand your creativity and your senses. Give a touch of artistry and color to more than 40 enthralling, hand-drawn illustrations, and uncover the hidden objects buried amongst the snowy surfaces of each one. Color the polar wonderlands, wintry beings, and frozen oases of Mythographic Color and Discover: Frozen Fantasies.

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