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Harry Houdini's Paper Magic

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Harry Houdini's Paper Magic: The Whole Art of Paper Tricks, Including Folding, Tearing and Puzzles

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 21, 2017

Originally published under title: Houdini's paper magic. New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1922.

Jacket Description/Back:

Aspiring illusionists can learn from one of the world's greatest magicians with this book by Harry Houdini. The master sleight-of-hand artist explains how to use the simplest of props?sheets of paper?to completely captivate audiences. Houdini's easy-to-follow directions, many of them accompanied by illustrations, are accessible to readers of all ages and skill levels.
The manual consists of four parts: paper tricks, paper folding, paper tearing, and paper puzzles. The first section reveals the secrets behind such magic tricks as "The Dancing Sailor" and "The Spirit Communication." Subsequent sections offer guides to folding a bird, a bullfrog, a hat, and other traditional origami models and to carefully tearing paper to produce a ladder, a five-pointed star, a string of dancing skeletons, and other intricate figures. The final part presents several challenging paper puzzles based on geometric forms.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Paper TricksThe Travelling Paper Balls
Ring And Program
The Cigarette-Paper Tear
The Torn Paper Ribbon
The Restored Calendar
The Selective Touch
The Dancing Sailor
The Spirit Communication
The Knife and Paper Sleight
The Chameleon Confetti
Production of Confetti
Another Confetti Change
Watered Confetti
The Floating Ball
The Japanese Butterflies
The Shaving Stick
The Paper Flags
The Pig and the Ring
Coffee, Milk and Sugar
The Ballot or Pellet Test
Paper Clippings and Water
Werner's Bill Tearing Trick
An Effective Finish

Part Two: Paper Folding
The Japanese Bird
The Bullfrog
Puzzle Box for Sweets
Trouble Wit
The Chapeau
Japanese Paper Purse
Japanese Hexagon Puzzle Box

Part Three: Paper Tearing
Trewey's Paper Rings
Jacob's Ladder
The Trellis
The Fir Tree
The Dancing Skeletons
Grandma's String of Dolls
The Dancing Girls
Paper Pictures
Circular Designs
The Five Pointed Star
Tearing The Pack

Part Four: Paper Puzzles
Paper Puzzles
The Symmetrical Square Puzzle
The Stairs
Hexagon Puzzle
The Octagon Puzzle
The House and Ell Puzzle
The Cross And Crescent
The Latin Cross
The Short Dozen
The Right Angle Triangle
The Greek Cross Puzzle
The Square Deal Puzzle
To Pass Through a Card
The Liberty Bell
The Cross Cut Puzzle
The Three Crosses


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