Hidden Secrets Of Living DrugFree ForLife

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Hidden Secrets Of Living DrugFree ForLife: You Don't have To Go With The Status Quo

Author (s): Smith, Ron 
Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:   June 01, 2021
 Ron will teach you how to show up to you own recovery!

 Publisher Marketing:

Over the past ten years, Ron has sat across his desk from, talked over the phone to, met via telehealth with, and taught in drug education classroom settings with literally hundreds of individuals helping them overcome the allusive addictive behavior. He was intrinsically motivated to write this book to uncover the timeless truths about addictive behavior and how to escape its grasp. A common theme continued to surface over the years revealing, what he calls "hidden secrets", that are hiding in plain sight. This book will spotlight the problems and provide solutions by introducing practical exercises that will strengthen your resolve to live drug free for life.

Ron was addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 15-years and didn't know how to come out of that addictive behavior. After discovering these secrets and proving them out in his life, he now offers this value to you to prove out in your life. He proclaims that most residential and outpatient treatment services provide high school level training on how to overcome addiction, which is not wrong, however through the pages of this book you will develop high level skills to become a master practitioner in your own life. Ron will teach you how to show up to you own recovery. The goal of this book is for you to develop self-efficacy, which is the ability to make the best choices even in the worst situations.

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