How to send books and magazines to Indiana Prison Inmates, order for inmates, mail to inmates, send a smile to your loved one
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Indiana: Department of Corrections + County Jails

Official Website : Inmate ID # Lookup & Prison Mailing Address Verification.

What can inmates in the Indiana DOC prison system receive from IMailToPrison.Com:

Magazine Subscriptions
Back Issue Magazines
New Paperback Books
New Hardcover Books

An offender must receive printed matter mailed directly from the publisher, the distributor or an accredited institution of higher learning,

Information Updated as of this date: Summer 2019
Authorities can and will change their policies. We do not guarantee that all information is up to date!
Please contact us with corrected, additional or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information on this site. We hope this information is helpful to you for understanding the regulations on sending books to Indiana inmates.


County Jail information: as posted on the county website or as verbally communicated by jail employee. This information is not guaranteed to be complete or up to date.



Clay County: no religious materials, no hardcovers, no clue as what will be accepted

Hancock County: Books or acceptable magazines from publisher or book company.

Howard County: new books & magazines from bookstore okay

Orange County: new and used publications, no hardcovers

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