Kinch Riley AND Hickok & Cody

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Kinch Riley and Hickok and Cody: Two Classic Westerns

Author(s)  Braun, Matt 
Binding:  Mass Market Paperbound
Pub Date:  November 27, 2018
Publisher Marketing:

The Old West comes vividly to life in two novels from bestselling author Matt Braun

Something about the boy named Kinch Riley made hardened railroad agent Mike McCluskie take him under his wing. But Kinch got too fast with a gun just as a band of Texas outlaws rode into Newton, Kansas. For the first time, McCluskie will walk into a battle he can't win. Kinch Riley is the masterful retelling of the Newton General Massacre of 1871.

In Hickok and Cody, Russia's Grand Duke Alexis has arrived to hunt buffalo. His guides are two heroic deadshots, Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill Cody. But a train approaching from the East will provide Alexis a front-row seat to murder and mayhem that will set Hickok and Cody on the trail of cold-blooded killers.


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