King of the Trenches 2

New paperback book for prison inmates, urban books for prison inmates
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  • Item #: 9781955270816
  • Condition: New

Ghost & Adams, Tranay (Authors)

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: October 05, 2021

Publisher Marketing: JAYSHAWN'S murder leaves RAMONE heartbroken and crying out for revenge. He vows to hunt down his brother's killers and paint the streets with their blood. But when he finds out that the one that sanctioned his sibling's hit is someone near and dear to him, will he readily gun them down? Or will his reluctance be his undoing? Upset over the way SANKA has handled him, JABARI comes up with a plan to pay him back. He assembles a squad of money hungry maniacs and hits all of Sanka's traps, leaving death and chaos in the wake. The presence of an unsuspecting witness complicates things and a change of plans is implemented. But will his recent change of plans lead to some of the biggest gangstas in the city coming after him? Or will he manage to finagle his way out of this tangled web he's weaved? Meanwhile, an unsuspecting player enters into the fold hellbent on getting PAPERCHASE'S plug and eliminating him from the game completely. But in the end whose G will reign supreme and prove to be KING OF THE TRENCHES?

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