Must Have 2019 Sudoku Puzzle Book

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The Must Have 2019 Sudoku Puzzle Book: 2018 Sudoku Puzzle Book for 365 Daily Sudoku Games. Sudoku Puzzles for Every Day of the Year. 365 Sudoku Games - 5 - Large Print 

Publisher Marketing:
The Must Have 2019 Sudoku Puzzle book is an new, challenging compilation of 365 sudoku games for 2019. Your friends and family can enjoy this sudoku book. 
Each day brings a new challenge of sudoku puzzles with different difficulty levels - your daily sudoku brain exercises. 

- There's a brand new sudoku puzzle for every day of the year 
- 5 difficulty levels (easy, moderate, nasty, cruel and deadly) 
- Date & Difficulty printed above every puzzle 
- Plenty of white space for number scribbling, 
- Book is 1 inch wider than last year with 4 puzzles per page to reduce cost to you 
- Includes full solutions for every puzzle at back of the book 
bold numbers for original clues in the solution section. 
- Easy Sudoku. Hard Sudoku. Sudoku for kids and adults



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