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Nylon Magazine

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Nylon Magazine

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Nylon Magazine focuses on American pop culture, with a dedicated finger on the pulse of cutting-edge fashion, beauty, and social scenes. Every issue offers readers a vibrant voice for young women with a passion for unique style, music, beauty, and more. Nylon, whose name is derived from often compared cities New York and London, is comprised by contributors with a keen eye for a strong, independent urbanite. With departments “fashionista,” “beauty,” and “radar,” the publication offers content on topics such as innovative style icons, beauty inspirations, and the must-have, untapped album. The cover of Nylon Magazine features one of today’s hottest female celebrities, each expressing a different vision of her inner hipster. The photo spreads and articles are raw and fresh in direction and perspective, and offer pages of rich snippets of today’s most popular in youthful culture.