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Parenting from Prison: A Hands-On Guide for Incarcerated Parents

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Parenting from Prison: A Hands-On Guide for Incarcerated Parents
Contributor(s): Birney, MR James M (Author)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 11, 2011
Publisher Marketing:
Parenting From Prison was written for the incarcerated parent who is seeking to establish or grow a quality relationship with their child. Parenting from Prison is a unique experience that requires a parent to adapt their traditional parenting roles and responsibilities, to the prison environment and the limitations that come with it. Having an incarcerated parent creates a unique situation for the child; they struggle to progress along a typical emotional development path. This struggle occurs because the child is exposed to new, additional or more powerful feelings, ones that can weaken their overall ability to cope and progress emotionally. Your child could be experiencing anger, rage, abandonment, rejection, hopelessness, powerlessness, loss, sadness, fear, guilt, disbelief, anxiety or confusion. It is vitally important that you help your child to understand and work through the feelings that they are having. There is only one way for you to do this with your child - it is to stay connected to them in a healthy, positive and emotionally supportive way.
Parenting From Prison is a hands-on, practical guide that walks an incarcerated parent through the preparation and process of becoming a vital, positive, encouraging parent to their child.
The book discusses A Child's Development Needs, Preparing to Parent From Prison, What a Child Asks, Visiting with Your Child and contains a sample parenting plan and activities that will help you to maintain a closer connection to their child. As an incarcerated parent, you can have a strong relationship with your child, despite the challenges you both may face. Parenting From Prison shows you how to provide your child with the love, emotional support, and encouragement that are of critical importance to them. It will also bring you a renewed sense of hope and strength.
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