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priority shipping books to prison inmates, new books mailed to prison USPS Priority Rate.
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  • Item #: USPS - Priority One
  • Condition: New

This is good for USPS  Priority Mailing of  one book.

Choose the right priority shipping for your order!

Priority Mail will be forwarded to your loved one's new location by USPS.

One $3.50 priority shipping will apply to one  book.

Individualy listed new books may ship from several locations, at separate shipping costs.

If ordering more than one book purchase two priority shippings.

IMailToPrison's standard mailing is USPS Media Mail.  That will get your gift across the state in 3 days, across the country in a week. Many of our new books are mailed from our warehouse with locations in Indiana, Tennessee, Oregon and Pennsylvania your book may well NOT be mailed from within the state. 

Media Mail is not forwarded if your inmate is transferred.  Books that are returned can take three weeks to arrive back at the store.  At that time, we will contact the customer.  For the actual cost of postage plus $1 the package can be reshipped.

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Price $3.50

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