Tattoo Lettering Bible

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Tattoo Lettering Bible 
Superior Tattoo (Author)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: May 13, 2014
Jacket Description/Flap:
This installment of the "Superior Tattoo Bible" series has been in the works as we have amassed countless lettering submissions throughout the years. With an exponential amount of tattoo designs including lettering, we thought it time to come out with an entire book devoted to letters and banners. Superior has put out several small books on a variety of lettering styles that have been very well received. To date, thousands of these books have been purchased or downloaded. Why flip through several books to find the perfect font? When your customer wants his or her loved one's name or a memorial, there is only one book they will need to refer to. Day in and day out, this book will be utilized. It will pay for itself in a matter of days. You won't find a better collection of lettering styles than in the "Tattoo Lettering Bible." Be sure this one is on your shelf!
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