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Texas Department of Criminal Justice + county jail regulations

We Guarantee Delivery and Acceptance to TDCJ Inmates*  & **

Official Website : Inmate ID # Lookup & Prison Mailing Address Verification.

What can inmates in the Texas, TDCJ, prison system receive from IMailToPrison.Com:

Magazine Subscriptions
Back Issue Magazines
New Paperback Books
New Hardcover Books
Used Paperback Books
Used Hardcover Books
Check for restrictions in NOTES!


*TDCJ strengthened regulations against "sexual imagery" in 2021.  Suspected or known publications with suspect sexual imagery are identified in the product description. If we have a belief that a product on this site will be denied, it will be removed from your order.  

The following units have special restrictions (information provided by TDCJ employee not a published policy)

Program Units: Publications sent to inmates in certain pre-release or treatment programs at these facilities have special restrictions. These exceptions are not covered by our guarantee:
Will deny images of tobacco and alcohol: (most magazines).
Jester – no books with sex, drugs or alcohol, or gang/crime related novels. Will also deny images of tobacco and alcohol (most magazines).
Vance – requires faith based. no books with sex, no images of ladies wearing less, Christian based books preferred.

**TDCJ Guarantee: We are a TDCJ Approved Vendor, what mail-rooms call a “Good Source”

All Units other than Program Units: If any new book on this site is denied, we will send a replacement title of the same price.  If a book or books from a used set, or a back issue magazine is denied, we will replace with a similar publication. This does not include customer special orders.  If three or more books are denied in a grab bag, we will replace with similar books. Single issues of a magazine subscription may be denied due to content, and these are not covered under the guarantee.

Information Updated as of this date: Summer 2019
Authorities can and will change their policies. We do not guarantee that all information is up to date!
Please contact us with corrected, additional, or current information if you find inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated information on this site. We hope this information is helpful to you is sending books to Texas Prison Inmates.


County Regulations Know to Us: Sending Books and other Publications to Inmates in County Jails.
Note: Rules can change, or we could have been given wrong or incomplete answers. We cannot guarantee this information.

Angelian: new paperbacks from bookstore
Baxter County Jail: publisher only-magazine subscriptions only
Bastrop: verbal information: new paperbacks okay- limit 3 in property
Bandera; no policy published – verbal answer “should be okay” – please contact jail for info
Bexar County Jail: major bookstore’s only – no local bookstore no websites (no Amazon)
Bell County: publishers only
Blanco County: No magazines, 2 new paperbacks from bookstore – will be donated to jail bookcart after reading
Brazoria County Jail: publishers or Amazon or Barns and Noble. -inmates allowed 5 books at a time and no hardcovers
Brazos County- regulation not found- we successfully mailed used books and puzzles there
Burnet County Jail: the publisher or bookstore- 3 books in possession
Brooks County Detention Center- no hardcovers, no speific limits
Cameron County: bookstores, paperback (no staples)
Coastal Bend Detention Center new paperbacks only, limit 3?
Collin County Jail: new books from internet distributors only
CountyNew Paperbacks bookstore only (not websites, but we are both)
 County: up to 3 new or used paperback books from vendor
Dallas County Jail: Not an Authorized Vendor – check county website for list of approved sources
Ector County: paperbacks from bookstores; magazines will have staples removed
El Paso County: Soft cover books or magazines sent directly from the publisher or bookstore.
Fannin County Jail: new or used paperbacks from a bookstore, no limits
Fort Bend: paperbacks are accepted, if approved they are given to the inmate, but remain property of the jail.
Franklin County Jail: bookstore/website okay, paperbacks, new or used, no limits
Galveston County Jail: limit 4 new or used paperback books and/or magazines- no coloring books
Gregg County  Jail: has accepted a new book ordered from us
Guadalupe County: new paperbacks only, no puzzles, no tattoo, no gang related
Harris County Jail: limit 2 new paperbacks- Inmate must be pre-approved- No back issue magazines including puzzle sets
Hood County: limit 10 paperbacks, new or used from verifiable bookstore.
Jefferson County: no hardbacks, new or used paperbacks & magazines, limit 5 per month
Kleberg County Jail: paperbacks, two in cell others in property – bookstores ok (websites not?)
Kaufman county: books, magazines from bookstore or publisher
Liberty County Jail: paperbacks from vendors okay (used books accepted – puzzle magazines denied)
Limestone County Jail: 2 new paperbacks from vendors okay – puzzle magazines okay<
Lubbock County Detention, from on-line store, back issue magazines & paperback books are donations, delivered to inmate for first viewing
McLennan County Jail- accepts new & used books, limits not published– but exist! recommend limit of 2 items
Medina County: books must be requested by inmate, pre-approved by jail
Montgomery County Jail- publisher or authorized vendor (not IMailToPrison): limit 5 books per shipment
Nueces County Jail: verbal okay from bookstores,
Parker county: up to 3 paperbacks at a time from an internet distributor or publisher.
Randal County: Paperback books, no specific limits for how many or new/used. Jail keeps the books when the inmate leaves. 
Rockwell County: inmates request permission to receinumber ve books by title, which when pre-approved, can be shipped by a vendor.
San Patricio County: Paperback books mailed directly from publisher or bookstore- retain 3 books only
Smith County– 3 new paperback books from vendor
Tarrant County Jail: not an authorized vendor – magazine subscriptions only
Taylor County Detention Center: new or used softcover books, no coloring books
Van Zandt County: verbal information: from recognized bookstores, new or used paperbacks, recommended limit of 3
Wichita County Jail: we were verbally approved to ship, inmate received
Wise County: new and used paperbacks ok, limits by space available to inmate
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