The Essential Supreme Court Cases:

The Essential Supreme Court Cases: The 200 Most Important Cases for State Prisoners
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Publisher Marketing: Ivan Denison, author of Flipping Your Conviction (2013) and Flipping Your Habe (2014), has collected the 200 U.S. Supreme Court cases containing the most important issues for state prisoners. The selected cases focus on criminal defense, ineffective assistance of counsel, post-conviction remedies, 2254 habeas corpus, 1983 civil litigation and prisoners' rights. The ten cases most frequently requested by state prisoners are printed in full; all others have been carefully edited to highlight the most relevant sections. From U.S. v Blockburger (1932) to Holt v Hobbs (2015), these cases are made easy to understand. Critical sections of the Opinions are printed verbatim, for accurate citation when writing legal briefs. A working knowledge of all 200 cases is indispensable for any legal advocate - attorney, law student, jailhouse lawyer, or pro se prisoner - as a foundation for applying Supreme Court precedent to state prisoners' legal issues. This reference is a tool that a litigant will reach for frequently. Printed as softcover, 81/2 by 11, over 300 pages,
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