The Man I Was Destined to Be:

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The Man I Was Destined to Be: Addiction, Incarceration, and the Road Back to God
Tandoi, Michael (Author)
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: August 14, 2013


Michael Tandoi's string of bad decisions caught up with him at age twenty-seven.

A crack-cocaine habit led him to become a danger to himself and society, and a judge made the decision he thought was best: Seven years in prison. It took the death of his father and three years for Tandoi to realize that his former life prevented him from becoming the man he was meant to be. In this memoir, he describes the roller coaster his life became before he landed in prison, which is where he wrote most of this book. In it, he shares an important message: Love yourself, love God, and embrace that you can achieve anything if you're clean and sober. Walking the road to recovery enabled the author to change his life-and anyone battling addiction can trace his path to overcome their demons and become a better person.

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