The Prisoner's Hope Personal Bible

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The Prisoner's Hope Personal Bible 

Author (s): Francis, Newton R 

Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:  March 29, 2018
Publisher Marketing:
The Prisoner's Hope Personal Bible, Genuine Hope is a unique bible that lay hidden within the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspired me to carefully extract pertinent verses and write this book to bring hope for every situation that binds or burdens anyone behind the walls and bars of imprisonment. Whether you are locked in a six-by-five-feet prison cell, or shackled in the chains of defeat, addiction, gangs, or in a crisis mode, there is genuine hope with in the covers of this book. This book encourages you to seek Jesus Christ to meet your needs.

This book utilizes strategically extracted Scripture verses to provide the antidote for the hopelessness that poisons you. Accompanied together with fait-feeding-spiritual-sustenance called mana, this little bible presents the foreordained executive clemency that Jesus Christ will provide for you.

Dear reader, there is no trouble, no affliction, no suffering, no burden, no defeat, no past or present that the constitutions of God's Word have not overruled in your favor.

Physical Info: 0.53" H x 9.0" L x 6.0" W (0.76 lbs) 232 pages

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