True 2 the Streets

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True 2 the Streets 

Contributor(s): James II, Stanley (Author)

 Binding: Paperback

 Pub Date: August 09, 2018

Publisher Marketing:

It's the beginning of a new year and the streets don't love nobody especially those that run them. Drew and Penny had to learn that the hard way. Loyalty, and trust is tested while respect is being earned through money and bloodshed. The code ethics in the streets is to kill or be killed and not to show any emotions or fear. Lines are drawn, sides being taken while deals are being made. With a trigger happy Drew and the brains from a smooth Penny what will one sacrifice to keep his sanity and freedom? Will Drew and Penny prevail to kingpin status, or be sucked in for life from the very same infested street's that raised them, no matter what paths they take the saying always remain the same you gotta be TRUE 2 THE STREETS !!!!

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