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Un Cadaver En La Biblioteca

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 Un Cadaver En La Biblioteca

Contributor(s): Christie, Agatha (Author)

libro en rústica
Language(s): Spanish
Pub Date: January 01, 2013

Publisher Marketing: El coronel Bantry vive apaciblemente su retiro, junto con su esposa Dorothy, en St.Mary Mead.
 Una manana, su doncella rompe la tranquilidad cotidiana con una noticia insolita y escalofriante: "Senora, hay un cadaver en la biblioteca."
 La joven que aparece estrangulada tiene todo el aspecto de haber sido artista.
 ENGLISH DESCRIPTION One morning, Colonel and Dolly Bantry are awakened by their maid and informed that the body of a dead blonde lies on the library floor!
 They immediately call the authorities and their dear old friend Miss Jane Marple.
 Miss Marple is only too happy to help, as there's nothing she likes better than nosing around in other people's business.
 The dead young woman is soon identified as Ruby Keene, a dance hostess at a hotel. Can Miss Marple's sharp eyes find the motive, the truth, and the killer?

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