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Witches' Craft: A Multidenominational Wicca Bible

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Witches' Craft: A Multidenominational Wicca Bible 
Contributor(s): Wilborn, Bruce K (Author)

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: October 26, 2011

Publisher Marketing:
Do you seek to know more about the foundation and modern practices of witchcraft? In "Witches Craft," Bruce Wilborn demystifies Wicca
a religion that is loving and nonjudgmental. Wicca s strength is in its ability to provide spiritual light for a truly diverse group of people.
However, its expansive range of rituals and traditions may be confusing to the new practitioner. "Witches Craft" provides detailed explanations
of practices from each of the five major Wiccan traditions, removing the shroud of mystery surrounding one of the fastest-growing
religions of the twenty-first century."





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