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300+ Medium Level Crosswords:

300+ Medium Level Crosswords:

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250+ Medium Level Crosswords

Get the Ultimate MEGA Crossword Puzzles Challenge ... Yes, with Almost 20,000 Words to Fill in! This is Great for Adults' Total Brain Workout Exercises!

You are welcome to this special 300+ Medium Level Crossword Puzzle Book For Adults ... this is A Special Crossword Puzzle Book For Adults Medium Difficulty Based On Contemporary Words As Crossword Puzzle Book For Adults With Medium - Hard Adult Brain Exercises (A Total Brain Workout Book For Adults) Volume 1!

Without any doubt, I designed this book to help the Adults in the process of total brain workout; the kids can also find it helpful!

Besides, this is the ultimate brain teaser you should engage your mind in, if what you are after is improving your confidence and increasing your English vocabulary of contemporary words in a fun way.

But, let me be up front with you, the puzzles in this book are far from just being easy or medium... so you may need to extend your patience and hold on to your dictionary to outstrip each puzzle.

Yes, you may say you sense some Difficulty... but addictive with a promise - these puzzles will make you a better English speaker and more vocabulary rich student/writer!

Therefore, the puzzles in this Crosswords series will all feature the same layout as follows:

*There are 300+ puzzles in this book, each having 63, 62 or 71 words to fill in.

*The answers to the puzzles are all placed in the back pages and numbered to match the actual puzzles; Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc.

* There are 102 x 63 Words list to find... that is roughly 6,426 words to find!

* There are 102 x 62 Words list to find... that is roughly 6,324 words to find!

* There are 102 x 71 Words list to find... that is roughly 7,242 words to find!

Indeed, this is a Perfect gift for beginners and experienced puzzlers alike! In fact, these puzzles have been designed to suit any one including those who have mild visual issues, due to its print lay-out and the interior set-up to some extent!

Now, get your copy and have fun solving the puzzles!



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