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Brain Puzzles for Adults

Brain Puzzles for Adults

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Brain Puzzles for Adults 502 pages

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 07, 2020
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Your mind drives your life, fortune, and success! . Build Spelling Skills! Expand Your Vocabulary! Read Faster! Excel in math! Have sharp, quick logic! What Are the Benefits of Puzzle-Solving? Working word, math, logic & picture puzzles provides many benefits for our minds. - As proven in science, we can actually increase our effective IQ. - Also, challenging puzzles provide our minds with exercise for stimulation and maintenance. - In addition, puzzles are good for your mind's cognitive (thinking and memory) development. - These puzzles provide great opportunity to improve the brain's overall health and longevity; there is less memory loss as we age, as well as the delayed onset and reduced risk of cognitive impairment. - Scientific studies have found that our brains actually reorganize in response to new challenges. Motivating puzzles in this book provide such a challenge.

Live Life Active, Agile, Bright, Healthy & Happy!

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