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Burt the Beetle Lives Here!

Burt the Beetle Lives Here!

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Ashley Spires - - Spires, Ashley

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230606
Standardized Book Category: Comics & Graphic Novels - General
Language: English
Page Count: 00064

Publisher Marketing:

Everyone's favorite june beetle learns about the many different places insects call home, in this charming graphic novel from Ashley Spires.

Burt the Beetle wants to find the perfect home to settle down in. But what might that look like for a june beetle? He's impressed as he checks out the amazing homes his insect friends have built for themselves -- the chrysalis of a monarch caterpillar, the underground tunnels of the yellow meadow ants, the wax hive of the bees. Only none of these wonderful homes seem to quite suit Burt's size, his building skills -- or his sticky legs! Burt is starting to get discouraged. But then a rainstorm sends him scurrying for cover under a leaf. And Burt finally begins to understand what home feels like for him!

Bestselling author and illustrator Ashley Spires brings her beloved wit and wisdom to this playful graphic novel that celebrates the true meaning of home -- and the amazing world of insect life! With its engaging blend of fact and fiction, offered up with loads of hilarity, it's sure to keep readers laughing and learning. Burt is a sweet, endearing character whose kindness and unrelentingly positive attitude provide character education lessons on initiative, resilience and perseverance. Part of the Burt the Beetle series, this book is a perfect pick for emerging readers and young fans of comics. It's also a terrific, easy-to-digest resource for life science lessons on insects and their habitats and homes.

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