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Crime Boss

Crime Boss

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Author/Editor: Ray, Playa

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20221104
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FIC048000 -Urban & Street Lit

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TYRON DAVIS isn't just the Assistant District Attorney, he's a major CRIME BOSS in the city, making him a dangerous man to all who stand in his way in either circle. As he seeks to become the head man in the District Attorney's office, while continuing to conceal his nefarious affairs in the streets, Tyron must move adroitly in order to reach his dual goals.


Meanwhile, Tyron's ties to the streets places him in one compromising position after another. Will he be able to maintain his hood gangsterism? Or will his gun go cold when it's time to serve street justice?

The game is cold and unforgiving, and Tyrone embraces it as if he's married to it, til death do us part. He moves with intellect, brashness and astute street knowledge. But there's something that could cause his downfall in the hallowed halls of justice and in the unscrupulous underworld that he controls. Will he be able to avoid destruction? Or will he get taught the lesson that both worlds are bigger than himself?

Page Count: 324

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