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CSI Puzzle Unit

CSI Puzzle Unit

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Over 100 Criminally Challenging Puzzles to Solve
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: December 15, 2020

Publisher Marketing:

An investigative narrative is weaved through over 100 puzzles, from word searches and anagrams to logical thinking and longer stories where you'll need to read between the lines and gather any clues, evidence and discrepancies to solve a series of cases.

Don your disposable gloves and plastic booties and step past the DO NOT ENTER tape into Crime Scene Investigation - Puzzle Unit. You're joining the forensive team to work through a series of grisly murders, robberies and deceptions; you'll need to gather evidence, sift through lies and puzzle your way through the twists and turns of life in the crime lab. But it's not always just the criminals who obstruct your investigations... there's a mole in the team, and it's up to you to find them. If you fancy yourself the next Gil Grissom or Horatio Caine, then this is your chance to test your deductive skills and powers of observation and see if you match up to the greats. Over 100 puzzles, cases and conundrums allow you to step into the shoes of a forensic expert and see if all those hours of TV bingeing have finally paid off.

Physical Info: 0.7" H x 8.2" L x 5.9" W (1.0 lbs) 224 pages

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