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Death on Edisto: Murder on the island of misfits

Death on Edisto: Murder on the island of misfits

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Author(s)/Editor(s): King, Jb - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231010
Standardized Book Category: Mystery & Detective - General
Language: English
Page Count: 00208

Publisher Marketing:

Warren was aroused back to reality from his slightly inebriated state lying on the beach to a gruesome sight. The single right arm nestled in the water-soaked reeds brought him back to sober real quick. There was no need for DNA testing to determine who it belonged to. The big Citadel ring and the missing top half of the middle finger were enough to identify the lower part of Cecil LaRoche's right arm.

He always used that finger with the missing part to express his discontent with his fellow Edistonians. Blame the missing digit on a Copperhead snake that got him when he was stealing lumber from a construction site on Bailey Island in his younger days.

But where was the rest of him? Cecil LaRoache did have some removable parts, most of his top teeth and his left eye. On occasion, he would take out his glass eye and hand to his son and say to the boy, "Go give this to your Mom and tell her I'm looking for her." But there was no glass eye, false teeth or any more of him to be seen this late afternoon.

On a small, sleepy little Sea Island 45 miles South of Charleston South Carolina, a mystery unfolds that opens the door to one more strange occurrence. The little village of Edisto and the residents were known to hide its secrets well. In this book some parts are fiction and some are real and unimaginable!

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