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Deep Strike

Deep Strike

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Campbell, Rick - -

Binding: Mass Market Paperbound
YearMonthDay of Publication: 01/23/2024
Standardized Book Category: Fiction | Thrillers | Military ; Fiction | Sea Stories ; Fiction | Thrillers | Technological
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Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: In Rick Campbell's next action-packed thriller Deep Strike, the U.S. Atlantic fleet is in a race to stop a rogue Russian submarine--funded by ISIS--en route to launch a missile attack against the east coast of the U.S. A shoulder-launched missile attack on a convoy of vehicles leaving the U.N. headquarters in New York kills several diplomats, including the American ambassador. Security footage reveals that the killer behind the attack is a disgraced former special forces operative, Lonnie Mixell. But before U.S. intelligence operatives can catch up with him, Mixell is already onto the next phase of his plan. With funding from the nearly shattered ISIS, Mixell plans an attack on the U.S. that will be more devastating than 9/11. He bribes a desperate Russian submarine commander to take his submarine to the Atlantic Ocean and launch a salvo of missiles at various targets along the East Coast of the United States. The commander lies to his crew that it's a secret mission, with dummy missiles, for a training exercise. At the same time, unbeknownst to the commander, Mixell has arranged for four of the missile warheads to be replaced with four surplus nuclear warheads and arms them. When the Russian submarine sinks the U.S. sub that is tracking it, the U.S. military is alarmed. As soon as intelligence uncovers Mixwell's plot, though, it becomes a race against time: find the Russian sub and sink it before it can launch a catastrophic nuclear attack. The nuclear attack is only one stage of Mixell's plan--and the next phase is potentially even more devastating. To stop him would almost require a miracle and time is swiftly running out.

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