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Energy Joy the Stress Fix: Science Meets Ancient Wisdom to Uplift Life on Earth

Energy Joy the Stress Fix: Science Meets Ancient Wisdom to Uplift Life on Earth

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Siegel, Robert Simon - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230203
Standardized Book Category: New Thought
Language: EnglishPage Count: 248

Publisher Marketing: "Energy Joy" presents a visionary trek into uplifting life on Earth - NOW - because it's evolution time! By revealing the missing, better half of stress, author Robert Simon Siegel contributes a refreshing and inspiring new understanding of its remarkable evolutionary purpose. One intriguing discovery interrupts business as usual to elevate humanity into more exciting and healthy realms beyond mere survival. The knowledge that we each have a fascinating energy 'engine' inside of us has been known since ancient times. Currently dormant, our energy engine generates the vibrant energy of optimal health that creates the prized emotion we call joy. We just need to turn it on! This non-physical 'substance' is Energy Joy. All authentic spiritual and religious traditions share this secret ancient wisdom. In fact, their original teachings were all designed to activate the Energy Joy engine and open its uplifting energy flow.
Once we know how to turn on our Energy Joy engine, we can feel joy's elevating energy rush whenever we want. We can then begin gaining its remarkable evolutionary benefits that empower us to swiftly uplift life on Earth - with energy! In the process we easily fix stress -- for good -- by understanding what stress really is and by applying ancient skills that science and physiology can now describe. We further activate our missing 'biological intelligence' along with new human capabilities we have not yet discovered, but which have been known since ancient times. As an added reward for uplifting, Energy Joy gives us the medium to communicate beneficially with other species on Earth, as indigenous peoples have been doing for millennia. We gain 'Eco-Joy'. We join life! By journeying upstream in search of what triggers stress, anxiety, panic and the many dangerous diseases of our fight/flight survival physiology, Robert reveals the source - and the uplifting solution - for this 21st century run-away global epidemic now locking our entire species in its debilitating grip of 'stressed out'.
By better operating our body/mind with seven practical skills, we can fix stress, anxiety, and despair - both as individuals and globally as a species. To accomplish this, we simply flip each of our four major body systems into their health-generating 'treasure mode', instead of keeping them stuck in their disease-causing modes that generate the damaging symptoms and illnesses of stress. This can be done in seconds with the body/mind skills in this book. The result is 'Dynamic Calm'. The same skills that fix stress give us access to the even grander treasure of Energy Joy. Throughout the book, an awareness-expanding understanding of 'reality' emerges by connecting our stress physiology with quantum biology and the knowledge of 'energy' shared by ancient wisdom traditions. Robert Simon Siegel shows how this elevated awareness of our biological reality can naturally transform the global economic reward system into producing truly healthy prosperity - for people and planet.

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