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Finders Keepers: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller

Finders Keepers: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Barelli, Natalie - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230825
Standardized Book Category: Psychological
Language: English
Page Count: 00320

Publisher Marketing:

I lie a lot. Big lies, little lies, whatever. All I'm doing is applying an Instagram filter to my life. Everybody does it. I do it because there's nothing remotely interesting about me. Unless you count the fact that I'm a psychopath. To be fair, I haven't killed anyone in almost ten years, so I prefer to think of myself as a recovering psychopath.

Rose Dunmore may not have killed anyone lately, but that could be about to change. Because as she walks past a bookstore on a sunny afternoon, something about the book in the window makes her stop. It's the familiar title: Diary of an Octopus. And it may not be her name on the cover, but when she rushes inside and opens it to the first page, she knows.

It's her old teenage diary. It's also her worst nightmare come true.

Rose knows exactly how the person claiming to be the author of this surprise bestseller - a social media influencer named Emily Harper - came to have Rose's diary in her possession. But Rose doesn't care about that. She just wants it back. Because while some details didn't make it in Emily Harper's version, it won't be long before someone out there recognizes the story.

And when they do, they'll know what Rose did all these years ago.

Rose will do whatever it takes to get her diary back. A little stalking, a lot of lying, and if necessary... Well. Whatever it takes. Let's just leave it at that.

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