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Finding Myself Sober

Finding Myself Sober

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Anderson, Dean S. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230712
Standardized Book Category: Substance Abuse & Addictions - General
Language: English
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Have you struggled with drinking or some form of addiction for some time now? Maybe even years? Have you stopped but still feel emotionally or spiritually bankrupt? Have you tried several times to quit but simply can't stay stopped? Have you been told by many others that you need to cut back? Have consequences from your addiction piled up to the point it's overwhelming?

If so, this book might be for you. It discusses twelve principles that one can learn in the journey of recovery. Most people think life is over if they must quit drinking or using drugs. The truth is if you're truly an alcoholic or an addict, sobriety is where life begins. These twelve principles were likely taught to you as a child before the addiction began. However, maybe your addiction wiped all those away and that's when the trouble started and began to accumulate problems in health, money, relationships, or spirituality.

You deserve a life of happiness, abundance, and love. You simply have to be willing to put down the drink or the drug and follow a few suggestions. A twelve-step program can help with that, but this book talks in detail about the principles that come alive again within us and bring us back to being the person that we were created to be in the first place. What are you waiting for? How free do you want to be? I hope this book sparks an interest in you to get sober. Or if you're already in recovery, it makes you believe that true happiness is possible when these principles are put into practice. Think of how many alcoholics or addicts you can help once you recover yourself. Your story could change or save someone's life. These principles are paramount in that journey. I wish you much success.

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