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Freaks Episode 1: The Guardian

Freaks Episode 1: The Guardian

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Freaks Episode 1: The Guardian 

 Author (s): Young, J O (

Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:  March 02, 2017
Publisher Marketing:

 A hundred years has passed since the time of fire. A thriving civilization has emerged on the ruins of war torn society. They have a strong monarchy, hundreds of cities, and all the labor camps to support their needs. The Normals have struggled through the years to finally reach a point where they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is all thanks to the hard work provided by the Military in keeping the kingdom running. Unless of course you are a Freak. A human that has been altered since the time of fire. Life for them is quite a different story. Freak, 745472793, freedom is an abstract word. Her life is built upon the sum of pyrope she is able to collect and her struggle to go unnoticed by the Normals. Everyday since the death of her guardian, she has strive to survive. Thanks to a compassionate soldier named Jonas, for ensuring she was able to escape not only the the cruelty of the Normals, but her own kind as well. Now, 17 years old, her trials have just begun. This freak can no longer just think of her own life, but the life of a strange child she has been newly assigned. How much will she sacrifice for the sake of one little boy? Find out in the


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