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Freaks Episode 2: The Messenger

Freaks Episode 2: The Messenger

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Freaks Episode 2: The Messenger 

 Author (s): Young, J O (

Binding:  Paperback
Pub Date:  April 09, 2017
Publisher Marketing:

Freedom is an abstract word to the Freaks forced to work in the Normals' labor camps. Their worth is based on how productive they are. Everyday, they must strive to survive the horrors that await them. Guardian has worked hard to become a messenger, but her test isn't over yet. She must now prove herself worthy to become an elite messenger for General Michael. To become an elite, she will be able to provide Seven a better and safer existence. A life that is the closest to freedom a Freak can ever hope to achieve. But, there is a growing threat to Seven's life when others do not approve of his joyful nature. Will she risk everything for a slim chance of freeing Seven? Can Guardian protect this special child? How far will she go for Seven's sake? Find out in the Freaks Episode 2.


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