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Author(s)/Editor(s): Walsch, Neale Donald - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231114
Standardized Book Category: Healing - Prayer & Spiritual
Language: English
Page Count: 00194

Publisher Marketing:

Begin Your Conversation with God

Don't look now, but God is talking with you. In fact, God is never not talking with you! Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times bestselling author of Conversations with God, invites you to be present to life and the experience of your talks with God. He shares how God talks to you in a hundred ways across a thousand moments, using feelings, words, images, ideas, metaphors, and events that can change your life.

Experience Neale's classic wit as he shares his famous 5-word statement from God - You've got me all wrong - for a 21st-century audience... with a modern-day twist.

Find out how God can suddenly reveal Itself in unexpected, unforgettable, mysterious, and miraculous ways, leaving behind a powerful message that touches you continuously for the rest of your days. Feel the wonder as Neale Donald Walsch, along with our sacred storytellers, share their talks with God, including those of:

- a mother whose answers came through a vision of her child

- a woman who was reassured her health condition would be healed

- a teacher whose unexpected message helped her connect with her students

- a scientist whose experience of God dramatically changed his life

- a single mom who realized that God answered her prayers

Enjoy Neale's commentary and wisdom on each person's true experience! Then experience your own conversations as Neale shares the six-step process he uses in his talks with God. Discover profound, yet simple, insights into what you can do to deepen the dialogue once you become tuned into God talking to you!

GODTALK will help you see that you really are having conversations with God all the time!

GODTALK: Experiences of Humanity's Connections with a Higher Power is part of Common Sentience, an uncommon book series that brings the mystical into the mainstream by sharing spiritual wisdom and true, personal stories of the Divine experiences many are having. Look for other books in this exciting series at

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