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Iron Man Vol. 4: Books of Korvac IV: Source Control

Iron Man Vol. 4: Books of Korvac IV: Source Control

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Author/Editor: Cantwell, Christopher

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230214
Standardized Book Category:
CGN004080 -Superheroes (see also Fiction - Superheroes)

Publisher Marketing:
With Korvac, the Power Cosmic and a nasty morphine addiction behind him, Tony Stark has returned from rehab hoping to show the world that he's ready to re-engage. But things don't go exactly as planned, and Iron Man soon finds himself battling a hyper-intelligent gorilla through the streets of New York! Then, a trip to California leaves Tony stranded in the southwestern desert with malfunctioning armor...and things go downhill from there! Meanwhile, Patsy Walker returns home to get her house in order -- but an aging, inherited Victorian manor soon leads to a supernatural crisis! Plus, Shellhead faces deadly new villain, Switchback...classic foe, the Titanium Man...and a dangerous conspiracy involving the Mandarin's Rings! To track these deadly weapons down, he's going to have to employ stealth mode!

COLLECTING: Iron Man (2020) 20-25, Iron Man/Hellcat Annual (2022) 1

Page Count: 160

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