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Author(s)/Editor(s): Marinko, Jason - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20231013
Standardized Book Category: Thrillers - Suspense
Language: English
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Publisher Marketing:

Jason Marinko's Starry Nightmares is a collection of dark reality-inspired short stories, a hard-hitting companion to his revenge saga, Time the Avenger. Unique in its gritty, urban, and bleak rural landscapes with characters that personify reality-based horror, here is a taste of some of the settings and stories that comprise this collection:

A public park where a teenager is confronted with evil that will have him fighting for his life. An inner-city couple stalled at the peak of a mountain road. A group of friends looking to make money by shoveling snow who encounter every parent's nightmare.

These roads you have traveled and homes you have stepped into blissfully unaware are places where innocence and hope in humanity have perished. Where humans have committed atrocities upon one another under a starlit sky and few have survived to recant.

Uncensored and unflinching, Jason Marinko's Starry Nightmares is suggested for mature readers only.

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Mysteries, thrillers, suspense and action novels, New fiction

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