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Author(s)/Editor(s): Hagglund, Rebekah - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20230623
Standardized Book Category:
Historical - General

Language: English
Page Count: 256

Publisher Marketing: Kraut is historical fiction centered in Germany between 1928 and 1950. The plot grew from actual accounts told by a Canadian woman reflecting on her life. From the vantage point of Northern Ontario in 2008, the protagonist, Anna Muller, remembers growing up in Leipzig.

As a young girl, Anna displays qualities that set her apart from others her age. Then emerging from the shelter of an artistic family and the protection of her father, Anna moves to the salon of her surrogate aunt, Frieda, to begin an apprenticeship as a beautician. However, Tante Frieda identifies Anna's talent and trains her for much more than cutting hair. Anna's character is revealed through dangerous missions with the underground resistance, as well as, her poignant relationships.

Irrevocably altered by the storm of betrayal, violence, and loss during the war years, Anna develops the skills necessary to survive not only the advent of Hitler and the Third Reich as they thrust the world into war; but also, the postwar conditions which intensify and prolong the suffering of the German populace and take Anna from Leipzig across Checkpoint Charlie into West Germany. Struggling amidst subterfuge and military dominance, Anna eventually escapes the labyrinth and finds her way to Canada.

Kraut explores still relevant themes such as propaganda, racism, and women's rights through the daily experiences of the characters. From these descriptions and historical information, we can better understand the following two underpinning questions: How were the Nazis able to come to power in such a civilized western culture; and secondly, how did the holocaust occur unchecked by the German populace? Perhaps readers will think about parallels today in our world of broken economies and diminished confidence due to the pandemic.

Ultimately, however, Kraut is a compelling story about a German woman who not only survives the atrocities of the Second World War, but who continues to live with dignity and passion.

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