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Love Letters: At the end of a broken journey you will find Him, if you search with all your heart.

Love Letters: At the end of a broken journey you will find Him, if you search with all your heart.

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Castillo, Joe S. - -

YearMonthDay of Publication: 20220515
Standardized Book Category: Christian - Romance - General
Language: EnglishPage Count: 330

Publisher Marketing:

The Story:

'Love Letters, ' is a medieval tale of a discouraged young woman, enticed into a harrowing quest by passionate love letters written to her by a Prince she has never met. On her journey, she is seduced, abused, beaten and humiliated, leaving her ashamed and convinced that she is not worthy of being loved. A mysterious alphabet, along with the passionate letters she carries, encourage her to persevere in her search to find the Prince that won her heart and changed her life, with his words. This mystical allegory is a love story, written to surreptitiously get young adults to read Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, and draw them into a deeper love for God with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the scriptures.


Beth has had a relatively normal upbringing. However, the death of her mother, struggles with her father and Beth's longing to be on her own, stimulates the desire to leave home. At that opportune moment, a journal containing love letters arrive, purporting to be written by the Prince, requesting her hand in marriage. Setting out to be with him, her journey takes her through trials and difficulties to find her love. Each of the 22 chapters is named after the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet which tells of her struggles and spiritual growth because of them. the response in her words become the words of the psalmist in Psalm 119.

The Takeaway:

Our culture unfortunately, has become Biblically illiterate. The Bible is the most powerful, widely published, read and cherished book in the history of the world. Psalm 119 is the longest and most fascinating, intriguing and inspirational chapters in the entire Bible.

Every single one of its 176 verses extols the power and virtue of God's immutable word. They are divided into 22 sections in an acrostic using each of the 22 letters in the 'Aleph-Bet' of the Hebrew alphabet.

Here you can find how to be restored in times of failure; purity when defiled; correction when misguided; truth when you are ignorant; victory when you have been defeated; a song during times of humiliation; hope in times of doubt; a way to find goodness during pain; to be able to return when you are lost; a thankful heart rather than bitterness; a helping hand when you are faint; a heart that soars when you are to be judged; honey to appease your hunger; light for the darkness; a hiding place when you are fearful; a blessing from the one you serve; wonder in a drab world; holiness when you have been polluted; someone to listen when you call; an advocate when you are condemned; peace in the midst of turmoil; and most of all, a shepherd to lead you into an eternal home.

Psalm 119 is telling us that to know the Creator God, you must get to know his Word and you will know Him.

Primary Audience:

The young adult, 'clean teen' market is one of the fastest growing markets in the reading world. Young women are hungering for stories of genuine faith, powerful hope and sincere love, and hopefully a deeper love for God. Keeping a diary and journaling is a therapeutic healing exercise recommended by Psychiatrists and Counselors. This practice is also being kindled by the desire to record their inner struggles and victories, as well as pouring out their emotions for the one they love. But women of all ages love a good romance. Many also desire to better understand the place of values, the importance of faith and how it can fit into contemporary lives. This story is inspirational on so many levels, it appeals to all ages. The understanding gained from the inclusion of scripture is life transforming for all people of any age.

All revenues from this book are being given to ministries who rescue young women from human trafficking.

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